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  • Along a seventy-mile stretch of Mexico's Pacific shore, four towns include seemingly every stripe of simpatico beach getaway. Surfing, ecotourism, hippie chic, and luxe family all coexist—and, blessedly, without any crowds.

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  • Huatulco's appeal comes not just from its location on the shores of the Pacific, but also from its weather. The area boasts 320 to 340 days of sunshine a year and an annual temperature of 28 degrees Celsius (82 F).
  • Huatulco attracts its visitors with nine bays, 36 beaches and an average year-round temperature of about 80 degrees. By offering bird-watching, coffee plantation tours, live music and Oaxacan cuisine, it is becoming a haven for those seeking a diverse yet relaxing experience.

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  • Trip Advisor Honors Huatulco with the #6 position on its 2010 List of Top 10 Beach & Sun Destinations in the World.

  • Huatulco stretches 22 miles along nine bays between the Coyula and Copalita rivers. It lies about 300 miles east of Acapulo, but there are no bunched-up high-rise hotel strips to mar the scenery, just soft sands, clear ocean, striking cliffs and dense forest.

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Huatulco Fishing: A Comprehensive Guide to Fishing in Huatulco, Mexico

Huatulco, Mexico offers world class fishing for beginners and advanced anglers. Discover it for yourself today!

Fishing At Its Best!

We are currently working hard to interview local fishermen and Huatulco fishing tour providers in an effort to bring you another one of our Comprehensive Huatulco Guides. We will launch this as soon as possible but for now, please enjoy the following articles.

Huatulco Fishing Information by Category:

/// Huatulco Fishing: What it takes to be a fisherman

Fishing In Huatulco And Surrounding Areas

It's easy to be captivated by the amazing beaches on the shores of San Agustinillo. If you're lucky enough to spend a few days here you will quickly notice the daily routine of the local fisherman who call these shores home. Fishing in Huatulco and the surrounding villages has become more than a job for people, it's a life style.

Huatulco FishermenEvery morning, at the crack of dawn, you will find a fleet of fisherman who are getting ready for the days work. They gather on the shores and begin the daunting task of untangling piles upon piles of rope and string.

This means attempting to lay the rope flat and gather it into an organized loop – easier said then done when working with rope stretching 150+ feet.

This process, not surprisingly, takes a very long time. In fact, they are often out there for well over 4 hours patiently working with the rope. (And to think – we often get frustrated trying to untangle just one knot from a necklace or chain!)

After all that, the real work has yet to begin. The fisherman gather their crew, hop in their boats and take on the sea – returning with an impressive selection of fish.

In fact, the sign of a great day of fishing is seeing the same boats come and go multiple times. It all depends on the tide and water conditions.

As mentioned, Huatulco fishing is more than just a profession, it's a way of life.

These guys live and breathe the lifestyle. A generational trade which is extremely family orientated.

The men go out to fish and the women are often seen on shore waiting for their return – all while the kids play in the shore break.

When it comes to fishing in Huatulco, there is definitely more than meets the eye. If you find yourself in San Agustinillo or in Huatulco in general, take a minute to watch and appreciate the hard work – and family oriented nature – of the local fishermen. If you're lucky, you may even catch them bringing in a boat full of sharks!

/// Huatulco Fishing Pics & Video

Huatulco fishing boats and catch
Fishermens kids in Huatulco Mexico
Huatulco Fishermen

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