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/// La Bocana, Huatulco

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/// Where to Find Accommodations In La Bocana

Boasting one of the only beachfront villa rentals in the entire Huatulco region, La Bocana offers a true "beach lovers" vacation!

Huatulco Villa Rental 1037 Villa Escondida
Villa Escondida (Villa 1037)

Truly the finest beachfront villa in all of Huatulco! 4 beautiful bedroom suites, beach view living and dining areas, infinity pool, rooftop terrace with jacuzzi and more await you at this luxurious villa. All of the villas furniture and fixtures are of the highest quality.

Huatulco Villa Rental 1038 Villa Vidu
Villa Vidu (Villa 1038)

This tropical beachfront haven is located on the sandy beach of Bocana in Huatulco. This unique modern house contains 3 beautiful bedroom suites, open living and dining areas, a large infinity pool and stunning beach and ocean views.

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/// Beaches Nearby

When you are in La Bocana, you are always near the beach. Simply walk out the door and you will be steps from the waves crashing on the sand.


Huatulco Villa Rental 1007 Overview
Water Conditions: The waves are pretty rough at La Bocana, making it difficult for children to play in the ocean. However, as long as you're careful, some sections are fine. There is also a little inlet at the mouth of the river where kids can splash around.
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/// Things To Do In & Around La Bocana

Everything you do in La Bocana revolves around the beach. Two notable activities to keep you busy for the day are Surfing and experiencing the Zapotech Mud Baths. Go ahead and get dirty then wash it all off in the waves!

Huatulco La Bocana Zapotec Mud Bath
Zapotec Mud Bath

One of the most unique and reasonably priced experiences available at this beach is the Natural Mud Bath experience! For only about $5 US/person you can enjoy a mud massage! The process begins with the experience of being covered from head to toe in mud taken from the nearby river. Once covered, you wait in the sun while the mud dries. The local women running the mudbaths then massage the mud off your skin and you finish up with a cleansing dip in the Pacific to wash off any remnants. It is truly a fun and memorable vacation experience - for five bucks, definitely worth a half hour of your time!

Huatulco Conejos Fishermen Overview
Grab Some Fresh Fish

Perched on the rock outcroppings you can observe the locals catch surprisingly large species of sea bass, rooster fish, and yellow tail jacks amongst others depending on the season. These guys look like pros and they only use a handline! No rod and reel here folks.

Rosa Laurel Condos Huatulco
Huatulco Tours

Everything in Huatulco is close by. Just because you are staying in Montecito does not mean you can't venture out to see the rest of Huatulco.

Check out our comprehensive list of Tours and Activities that can be enjoyed during your stay in Huatulco.