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/// La Crucecita, Huatulco

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/// Where to Find Accommodations In La Crucecita

When you stay in La Crucecita you are really in the center of it all. There are plenty of villas and condos for rent in the area.

La Crucecita is a great place to do a variety of shopping, from grocery to souvenir. Located here are a number of touristy shops offering beautiful authentic pieces perfect to take back home. Also found here are a variety of fresh food markets as well as local superstore, Súper Che. This is a great area for a casual stroll and some light shopping.

Huatulco Condo Rental 2075 Dining and Living Room Space
Condo 2075 La Crucecita

This conveniently located condo offers two bedrooms, and one bathroom. The first bedroom has a queen bed, and the second has a double/full bed. Both bedrooms have A/C.

Huatulco Condo Rental 2074 Dining and Living Room Space
Condo 2074 La Crucecita

This conveniently located condo offers two bedrooms, and one bathroom. The first bedroom has a queen bed, and the second has a double/full bed. Both bedrooms have A/C.

Rosa Laurel Condos Huatulco
Rosa Laurel Condos

Located in a quiet cul-de-sac in La Crucecita, just two blocks away from the Zocalo, shops and restaurants. Excellent design features and local materials.

(from) $140,000 USD

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/// Beaches Nearby

The Santa Cruz beach (Playa Santa Cruz) greets many beach lovers looking to improve their tans. It is often a busy spot due to its proximity to popular tourist spots and the marinas. The calm waters off this beach are some of the best for swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving. There are spots close by that rent equipment or that can even take you out by boat to other, more remote beach locations.

In very close proximity, you will also find Playa Entrega. This 600 foot stretch of beach is one of the best locations for family ocean fun!

It is also home to one of the infamous historical events in Huatulco's history. Locals and tour guides will be anxious to share stories about how Vincente Guerrero, war hero and president, was betrayed by Francisco Picaluga on this very beach ultimately leading to his murder in Oaxaca City.


Playa Entraga Huatulco Mexico Santa Cruz
Water Conditions: The water is incredibly calm at Playa Entraga making it very safe for small children and a great place for some family fun.
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/// Things To Do In & Around La Crucecita

Although there are no tours directly in La Crucecita, its location near the highway provides a great opportunity to drive towards the mountains. In fact, a scenic 2-hour drive up the mountains takes you to Finca el Pacifico a 100-year-old working coffee plantation! That may seem like a long trek, however the picturesque views are often considered a tour all their own!

If you are looking for some good quality – authentic- souvenirs to take home, this is the place to go. La Crucecita offers everything from hand-crafted pottery to bottles of mescal.

For instance, La Probatita offers a wide selection of authentic Mexican mescals in addition to mole, chocolate, and grasshoppers for the adventurous!

If grasshoppers and alcohol are not what you're looking for, be sure to check out the Museum of Oaxacan Crafts. This impressive little shop has an expansive selection of authentic products. Including- but not limited to-, decorative masks, sculptures, pottery and a back room dedicated to hand woven tapestries that will blow your mind.

If you find yourself in Huatulco for a prolonged period of time, you will most likely become familiar with Súper Che; a superstore located slightly off the town center on the main road. Súper Che is a great place to pick up some groceries if you don't have time to hit up a fresh food market.

Along the same lines as Súper Che, La Crucecita is home to a small mall that offers a decent variety of shops as well as the towns Cinema. Although the movies play in spanish – they do show the same hollywood hits found in the United States and Canada.

Huatulco Magic Falls Tour
Visit the Waterfalls and Coffee Plantations

Trips to the waterfalls are usually bundled with trips to the coffee plantations. You will be gone a full day (10am back about 4:30pm). The falls are beautiful beyond words!! There are places to swim and cool off in the water. After your hike up to the falls you will find a tiny plantation and an awesome meal. The ride up and back is very bumpy – be prepared.

Santa Cruz Marina Huatulco Mexico
Check out the Harbour

La Crucecita is just a short way from the Santa Cruz Harbour where all kinds of large ships roll in. Throughout the High Season in Huatulco there is a good deal of traffic in the Santa Cruz harbour. Kick back on the beach for a closer look or watch the Navy and Cruise Ships roll in from a distance.

Rosa Laurel Condos Huatulco
Huatulco Tours

Everything in Huatulco is close by. Just because you are staying in Montecito does not mean you can't venture out to see the rest of Huatulco.

Check out our comprehensive list of Tours and Activities that can be enjoyed during your stay in Huatulco.