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  • Along a seventy-mile stretch of Mexico's Pacific shore, four towns include seemingly every stripe of simpatico beach getaway. Surfing, ecotourism, hippie chic, and luxe family all coexist—and, blessedly, without any crowds.

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  • Huatulco's appeal comes not just from its location on the shores of the Pacific, but also from its weather. The area boasts 320 to 340 days of sunshine a year and an annual temperature of 28 degrees Celsius (82 F).
  • Huatulco attracts its visitors with nine bays, 36 beaches and an average year-round temperature of about 80 degrees. By offering bird-watching, coffee plantation tours, live music and Oaxacan cuisine, it is becoming a haven for those seeking a diverse yet relaxing experience.

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  • Trip Advisor Honors Huatulco with the #6 position on its 2010 List of Top 10 Beach & Sun Destinations in the World.

  • Huatulco stretches 22 miles along nine bays between the Coyula and Copalita rivers. It lies about 300 miles east of Acapulo, but there are no bunched-up high-rise hotel strips to mar the scenery, just soft sands, clear ocean, striking cliffs and dense forest.

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/// Huatulco Tours - Solo & Group Activities in Huatulco, Mexico

/// Something For Everybody! What Do You Want To Do?

Huatulco offers a wide variety of tours to choose from, whether you're looking for a more physical excursion or one resulting in complete relaxation. Everything you need to know about tours in Huatulco can be found here.

All available Huatulco tours are listed below. Browse through the wide selection and you will be sure to find an activity that interests you. In the main navigation above, tour reviews are categorized based on length, allowing you to find an activity that works into your schedule. This flexibility results in the ultimate custom vacation!

Be sure to contact us if you're interested in any of these tours as many offer advanced booking discounts.

Visit Hagia Sofia pronounced [Ahia Sophia]

This unique excursion takes you on a tour through Huatulco's renowned eco preserve, Hagia Sofia. Travel through over 60 varieties of organically grown flora as you experience the majestic qualities of this natural sanctuary and indulge in delicious handmade meals.

This 130 hectare agro-ecological development is only about an hour from Huatulco, in the foothills of the Sierra Madres. Swim in the grotto, eat fruit right from the trees, this is probably what Eden looked like. From beehives to earthworms, it is an evolving example of sustainable agriculture and deep respect for the planet.

Photos of Hagia Sofia

More info on Hagia Sofia

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Huatulco Jet Ski Tour

Extremely popular, this half day, 2.5 hour, Jet Ski excursion takes you on an exciting tour along four of Huatulco's nine bays. While touring, you will get an opportunity to hop off your Jet Ski and do some snorkeling before grabbing a bite at one of the many beachside restaurants found in Maguey Bay.

The full day, 6 hour, Jet Ski tour allows you to experience five of Huatulco's nine bays at a leisurely pace. This excursion gives you the freedom to stop as desired and take a more intimate look at the various bays and vast marine life found in Huatulco – great for kids!

More info on The Huatulco Jet Ski Tour

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Huatulco ATV Jungle & Beach Tour

One of the more popular tours in Huatulco, this beaches and bays ATV excursion lasts approximately 4 hours and takes you along the protected reserves of Maguey Bay and Organo Bay. You will also be taken up to the Las Palmas (lighthouse) to witness the gorgeous coastal views before taking a refreshing swim in the ocean.

The full day, 6-hour tour combines a journey to Finca de la Gloria (a local coffee plantation) and a trip to the Llano Grande falls where you can take an invigorating swim in the cool, pristine waters. This tour provides the perfect combination of excitement and relaxation!

More info on the Huatulco ATV Tour

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Huatulco Chartered Yacht Tour

Explore the bays of Huatulco on a stunning 42" cabin cruiser yacht. Enjoy this millionaire experience as you sit back, relax, and take in the beautiful surroundings. You will have the opportunity to see as many as 6 bays including; Santa Cruz, Maguey, Organo, Cacaluta, Chachacual and San Agustin. This is truly an amazing way to spend a day in Huatulco. If you have a group of 6-10 people, chartering a local yacht can be as affordable as jumping in a panga or on a crowded party boat.

More info on the Huatulco Chartered Yacht Tour

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Tour Historical Coffee Plantations

Visit Finca el Pacifico, one of the only working – organic – coffee plantations in Huatulco. Gain a new appreciation as you walk through a typical days work on the plantation; from production to consumption. Finca el Pacifico is located about a 2 hour drive into the mountain from Huatulco.

Travel to one of the region's few working organic coffee plantations where you will spend the day touring the grounds and learning the intricate nature of the coffee production process. Enjoy a handmade meal served in the family's home for an intimate and unique glimpse at this lifestyle.

More info on the Finca el Pacifico Tour

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Scuba Diving In Huatulco
Scuba Diving In Huatulco

The half-day tour lasts approximately 5 hours and provides a great opportunity to explore Huatulco's vast marine life. Highly rated among guest, this tour is a great way to spend a day in Huatulco. Lessons are available for an additional cost for those who do not have scuba certification

The full day scuba diving excursion lasts 8 hours and is ideal for experienced divers looking for an exciting day exploring Huatulco's many dive sites. You will have the opportunity to see a wide range of aquatic life alongside some amazing guides.

Comprehensive Guide To Scuba Diving In Huatulco

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Discover Real Estate Tour & Luxury Sunset Cruise

Ever dream of living in paradise? This luxury real estate tour will give you a great overview of the real estate market in Huatulco. The day ends aboard a stunning 52" yacht where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the coastline as you imagine life living in Huatulco.

New for 2013, this tour has been designed to offer a laid-back view of Huatulco Real Estate. The tour showcases properties starting at $95K climbing to $1.8M – so no matter what your real estate dreams are made of, you'll find an option that fits. After the 1.5 hour land tour – you take to the water for a private yacht charter aboard the luxury 52' cabin cruiser for a sunset tour of the bays! And the best part is…THIS TOUR IS FREE OF CHARGE!

Contact us now to book your seats – SPACE IS VERY LIMITED
Snorkeling in Huatulco
Huatulco Snorkeling Tour

The half-day snorkel excursion is perfect for those of all skill levels! Spend approximately 5 hours touring various sites and exploring Huatulco's lively underwater landscape.

For those looking for a more lengthily excursion, this 8 hour snorkeling tour is ideal for you! No previous experience required, just hop in the water and start exploring Huatulco's vast and exciting underwater world!

Comprehensive Guide To Scuba Diving In Huatulco

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Three Levels Of Huatulco Tour
Three Levels Of Huatulco Tour

Travel along the various landscapes that make Huatulco so unique. This tour will allow you to explore seaside Huatulco, Santa Maria (the original Huatulco) and Pluma Hidalgo, known globally for its coffee.

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Ventanilla, Mazunte, Zipolite, Puerto Angel Tour
Ventanilla, Mazunte, Zipolite, Puerto Angel Tour

This interesting tour allows you to travel up the coast to some of the amazing seaside communities west of Huatulco. From remote lagoons to breathtaking beaches this Huatulco day trip is sure to show you another side of Mexico's coastline.

Book Your Tour of Ventanilla, Mazunte, Zipolite, Puerto Angel Now
Waterfalls of Llano Grande
Waterfalls of Llano Grande and La Goria Coffee Plantation Tour

Dating back to the 19th century, this organic coffee plantation offers a unique look into how coffee is locally produced. Spend the day touring the plantation with a knowledgeable guide before cooling off in the picturesque onsite waterfall.

Book Your Waterfalls of Llano Grande and La Goria Coffee Plantation Tour Now
Huatulco Bird Watching Tour
Huatulco Bird Watching Tour

Those with an appreciation for birds and wildlife will love this Huatulco Bird Watching excursion. Home to over 400 species of birds, this tour appeals to nature enthusiasts and birders alike!

More info on the Huatulco Bird Watching Tour

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Huatulco Towns and Traditions Tour
Huatulco Towns and Traditions Tour

This half-day trip provides an intimate look at life in Huatulco by touring through different areas. Spend time taste testing traditional dishes as you view live demonstrations of how local food and products are made.

Book Your Huatulco Towns and Traditions Tour Now
Huatulco Zip Lining Tour
Zip Lining In Huatulco

This treetop zip line tour takes you on an exciting ride along two cables starting at 80 meters high. The tour provides great value and is perfect for those of all ages who are seeking a thrill. (Equipment is tested regularly and meets universal safety standards)

More info on the Huatulco Zip Line Tour

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Huatulco Emerald Coast Tour
Private Tour Up The Emerald Coast

Travel up the coast in a comfortable private suburban to the famous and popular surf town – Puerto Escondido. You will also have the opportunity to stop along the coast at such places as Mazunte and Puerto Angel to experience more of Mexico's beautiful coastal communities.

Book Your Private Tour Up The Emerald Coast Now
Huatulco Fishing Tour
Fishing Tour In Huatulco

If you enjoy the relaxing experience of fishing on the open water, you will love this Huatulco fishing tour. With a total of 6 lines available, this is a great option for an intimate group excursion aboard a stunning cabin cruiser yacht.

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Huatulco Cooking Class
Huatulco Cooking Classes

Take an exciting cooking class where you will learn how to make traditional dishes from start to finish. A unique and educational experience, this cooking class is a great way to take home a little piece of Huatulco, Mexico!

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Huatulco White Water Rafting Tour
Huatulco White Water Rafting Tour

With class I and II rapids, the half-day rafting tour perfectly combines the thrill of white water rafting with periods of calm where you can admire the beautiful surrounding landscape. This tour is great for kids as well as those looking for a more relaxing rafting experience.

The full-day rafting tour is full of excitement with class III and IV rapids to get your heart racing! Spend the day navigating some pretty extreme rapids along with trained experts who will help guide you down river.

More info on The Huatulco White Water Rafting Tour

Book Your Huatulco White Water Rafting Tour (class 3-4 Alemania)
Book Your Huatulco White Water Rafting Tour (class 2-3 Hamacas)
Book Your Huatulco White Water Rafting Tour (class 1-2 Floatig)

/// Guides & Huatulco Information

Here is a little bit of useful information to help you plan your Huatulco Vacation. Check out the suggested resources below and make the best of your time in Huatulco!

Huatulco Flights

An up to date resource for all scheduled flights into Huatulco, Mexico. Listings include flights to Huatulco from Canada, USA and Mexico as well as contact information for all participating airlines.

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101+ Things To DO In Huatulco

Everything in Huatulco is close by. Just because you are staying in Tangolunda Bay does not mean you can't venture out to see the rest of Huatulco.

Check out our comprehensive list of Tours and Activities that can be enjoyed during your stay in Huatulco.

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Comprehensive Guide To Scuba Diving In Huatulco Mexico

Hands down, Huatulco has the most beautiful dive spots in perhaps the entire Pacific Ocean. As one of the protected ecological zones in Huatulco, this is the absolute epitome of a tropical oceanic paradise! See living coral, sea turtle, sea horses, eagle rays, lobsters, mantas, sharks and moray eels.

Check out the comprehensive guide to Huatulco Scuba Diving which features highlights and tips on what you can expect when diving at each of the many Huatulco dive sites.

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