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101+ Things To Do In Huatulco

Huatulco, Mexico is a hidden gem in the travel industry. Discover it for yourself today!

Fun for everyone!

Just in time for your vacation! Check out this feature packed guide to getting the most out of your Huatulco Vacation.

Every year at this time, hundreds of people make their way from all corners of the globe to bask in the sun on the soft, sandy beaches of Huatulco, Mexico. If you are arriving for the first time, you will soon discover why the rest of us keep coming back over and over again.

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101+ Activities by Category:

/// Huatulco Cultural Highlights

Rug weaving in Hautulco
Obtain a Tapestry from master craftsman Lorenzo Hernandez

The Museum of Oaxacan Art in Huatulco has a whole back room dedicated to this amazing art form. Each piece is handmade at the shop; in fact, before you even enter the boutique you will be greeted by Lorenzo Hernandez at his workstation. Lorenzo is awesome, do not pass up an opportunity to purchase one of his master crafts.

La Crucecita on the map
The Zocalo Huatulco Mexico
Watch Some Street Performers in The Zocalo

La Crucecita is centered around the main square or "the zocalo" which is an attraction all its own. This grassy area lined with wide stone paths is often a platform for street musicians and artists to showcase their work. Coupled with benches and beautiful stone structures, The Zocalo makes a great backdrop for a stroll.

La Crucecita on the map
Large virgin de Guadalupe mural in Huatulco Mexico
See the largest painting of the virgin de Guadalupe in Mexico

Located on the square in La Crucecita is the gorgeous church – Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. This parish is home to the largest painting of the virgin de Guadalupe in Mexico.

La Crucecita on the map
Friends Of Music Huatulco
Hit a High Note and Take In Some Live Music

The Friends of Music Huatulco group work hard to promote local, national and international musicians by staging performances in amazing seaside venues. Check out jazz shows, traditional Mexican music, flamenco, choral with instruments, a capella quintet, chamber music concerts and more.

Fresh Fruit Stand in Old Huatulco Santa Maria
A visit to the original Huatulco – Santa Maria Huatulco

Although it may sound confusing, there are actually two Huatulco's in Oaxaca, Mexico. Santa Maria Huatulco is the original Huatulco, dating back to the 1500's. This town offers a glimpse of Oaxacan history as you meander through its cobblestone streets. Santa Maria is located approximately 8 miles west of the Huatulco international airport.

Original Huatulco – Santa Maria on the map
Earth Check Gold Certified
Breathe Some Fresh Clean Air

Most of us live in places that pump pollution into the air around our homes. Not in Huatulco! Huatulco is one of the few places to earn the EarthCheck Gold Certification.

Earth Check Online
Huatulco Language Courses
Brush up on your Spanish - Take a class

Even if you are only in town for a week or two you will find that learning a few basics can really help you get around. If you´re out and about in town, don´t be surprised if someone asks you to exchange some english for some spanish vocab.

If you need to brush up on your spanish check out

Huatulco Language Courses
A Sunday with the Vaqueros Crooners

Sunday lunch @ Los Vaqueros – In Mexico, family meal time is always important, especially on Sundays. One place to witness it and enjoy first hand is at La Finca de Vaqueros. The original restaurant is in Pochutla, about an hour drive away, and their local restaurant is located behind the Corona beer distributor. The crowd starts to come in around 3pm and people have been known to stay until late evening. The delicious Mexican BBQ, draft beer, house mezcal, and SINGING COWBOYS make this restaurant a must – see. We suggest you go on the weekends, when the cowboys are usually more keen to sing and dance!.

Our Review of La Finca de Vaqueros
Little Drummer boy in Puerto Escondido
Play the Bongos with the backpackers and have some fresh seafood on the beach in Puerto Escondido

Located about 1hr 45 minutes from Huatulco. Puerto Escondido is a getaway even for the locals, with its stunning panoramic beach views and vast selection of entertainment. This is a surf town and where there is surf there is smoke. Make a friend and have a great meal.

Puerto Escondido on the map
People Watch - you never know who will stroll by

If you are cruising on your bike, roll on down to La Crucecita and stop for a refreshing drink or maybe some ice cream. Then just find a place in the shade, beat the heat and take in all the locals and tourists passing by. Zamora is a great place to make a leisurely stop.

La Crucecita on the map
La Azul Gallery Huatulco Mexico
Commission Some Art

La Luz Azul Art Galery and Workshop, located at Chacah #306, 1 block south of the southeast corner of the zócalo, is the home of Artist Rafael Ortega produces paintings, drawings, sculpture, and murals. Stop in and pick up a one of a kind souvenir of your stay in Huatulco.

La Luz Azul on Google Places
Barro Negro at the Museum of Oaxacan art
Buy Some Black Pottery (Barro Negro)

These traditional clay creations are locally known as "Barro Negro" and date back several centuries. They make excellent souvenirs as each piece is hand sculpted and truly unique. You can get your Barro Negro at the Museum of Oaxacan Art in Huatulco.

La Crucecita on the map
Alebrije - Winged Dreams in Huatulco Mexico
Shop for Super Bright Painted Creature Things

Hunt down everything from hand carved masks to intricately woven rugs made on location. The Brightly colored, handcrafted and painted 'creatures' known as Alebrije or "winged dreams" will catch your eye as soon as you enter the Museum of Oaxacan Art in Huatulco. For the most unique Alebrije in Huatulco, visit César Blas Martines in the Mercado De Artesanias in Santa Cruz.

Mercado De Artesanias on the map
Huave Masks in Huatulco Mexico
Everyone Needs a Mask

There is a man named Felix Martinez Molina in Southwest Mexico who carves the most amazing hand carved masks known as Huave masks. Felix and his family have been carving these masks for more than a quarter century. You can get a Huave Mask of your own at the Museum of Oaxacan Art in Huatulco.

La Crucecita on the map
Huatulco fishing Boats and Catch
Talk to fishermen on the beach. Appreciate their lifestyle (talk to everyone! Expats, locals, everyone is great)

When it comes to fishing in Huatulco, there is definitely more than meets the eye. If you find yourself in San Agustinillo or in Huatulco in general, take a minute to watch, chat with and appreciate the hard work – and family oriented nature – of the local fishermen. If you're lucky, you may even catch them bringing in a boat full of sharks!

San Agustinillo on the map
Drive down the coast to Juchitan
Drive down the coast to Juchitan

Hop in your rental or hire a driver to take you down to Juchitan where you can experience the true Zapotec matriarchal society and colorful market. People in this region speak their orginal dialect with Spanish as their secondary language. The market may be shocking to some, but be sure to walk upstairs and see all the amazing textiles on display.

Juchitan on the map
Huatulco Red Cross - Cruz Roja Mexicana
Volunteer your time

Volunteer your time - @ the Huatulco Red Cross, Bacaanda Foundation or with Un Nuevo Amanecer. Depending on your area of interest or expertise, the Huatulco community can always use your help. If you are a doc, EMT or nurse, the local Red Cross can sure use your help. If community activity, handy crafts and education are your preference, be sure to look up the Bacaanda foundation in Tangalunda.

Cruz Roja Mexicana Website
Un Nuevo Amanecer on Facebook
Bacaanda Foundation Website
Huatulco Polaroid
Write an article

There are various local publications and blogs (including ours) that are always looking for a new perspective on Huatulco. Whether short notes, trip logs or photo journals, we would love to publish them for you.

Contact Judy at My Huatulco Vacation
Day of The Dead in Huatulco Mexico
Day of the Dead Celebration

After Christmas, Day of the Dead is the next most important holiday in Mexico. You will see families visiting their dead relatives with gifts like mescal, beer, cigarettes, etc; special tamales, bread and chocolate are made just for the occasion. There will be mariachi and norteno bands playing songs and many people in the street dressed up in ornate costumes. Don't be shy, feel free to take pictures or request a song from the bands, but be sure to be respectful of the families celebrating the loss of their loved ones. If it is possible, try to head to Oaxaca for the festivities. They celebrate in a huge way each year.

/// Shopping in Huatulco

Huatulco Markets
Negotiate a fair price – visit the market and haggle for a deal

One of the best parts about heading out to the markets when visiting another country is discovering all the wonderful local goods you can buy. The next best thing is getting a great deal. Find a market then find a merchant with a few things you like. Everything has a little bit of wiggle room but be fair.

Getting around Huatulco
Rent a Car and Cruise the Coastline

There is nothing like the feel of the open road. Cruising down the blacktop with the Pacific Ocean stretching out beside you. There are plenty of rental shops in and around Hautulco including Oaxaca Rent Car and Europcar. Oaxaca Rent Car is the cheapest option and doesn't require that you purchase extra insurance.

Oaxaca Rent Car Website
Europcar in Huatulco
Pochutla Market
Pochutla Market

This is a hidden treasure, not often visited by tourists. This market, located about 45 minutes north of Huatulco, is a Monday extravaganza. Merchants from all the mountain pueblos make their way to this Mexican town to set up shop for the day selling their wares. Here you will find incredible deals on local pottery (cookware), fruits & veggies, clothing and footwear, etc. It is a good idea to take a driver with you who can help you navigate around as you can easily get lost in the crowds and endless streets of merchants.

Pochutla on the map
Silver in Hautulco
Spend on Some Silver in Santa Cruz

The markets in Santa Cruz are a great place to pick up some silver. Don't expect it to be super cheap though. If you are looking for real silver, the first stamp to look for is "925", this means that the jewelry is 92.5% silver. You may also see "950" indicating that it is 95% silver, expect this to be more expensive. The second stamp to look for in "Mex" or "Mexico" this is an important one as often vendors try and fake the "950" or "925" but leave off the "Mex".

If you are looking for unique pieces, check out the boutique jewelers at Maria Bonita and Daniel Espinosa

Maria Bonita Located in Marina Santa Cruz * Tel: 958-587-1400
Daniel Espinosa's Website
Buy Western food in Huatulco Mexico
Get a small taste of home – shop at the big chain store

Súper Che is located in La Crucecita – away from the main square – on the Boulevard Chahue across from the Hospital. If you are driving down the main road you can't miss it. If you walk in and find the language barrier to be overwhelming you will be happy to find an area devoted to popular brands and foods you are more accustom to.

Super Che on Google Places
Huatulco Internet
Check In With Family and Friends

You know you want to make the people you left home in the cold jealous. Track down some free wifi and show off your tan! Public WiFi in Huatulco can be found at Café Casa Mayor upstairs on the zócalo in La Crucecita, Plaza el Madero, the beach clubs at Playa Chahue, Mision de los Arcos in La Crucecita, and West Park Café on Calle Gardenia 1302, La Crucecita. Paid WiFi internet access can be found at internet cafes and in the resorts around town.

Café Casa Mayor
Plaza el Madero
Mision de los Arcos
West Park Café

/// Huatulco Mind & Body Activities

Yoga Huatulco
Relax your mind body and spirit with some yoga

What could be more soothing to the soul than a morning yoga class? The Yoga Huatulco website has a complete schedule of all available classes. Classes are usually held in the ocean front park of Santa Cruz. Picture yourself watching the palm trees sway in the breeze, listening to the birds chirp their morning song, and hearing the waves lapping on the beach as you stretch your worries away. Regular yoga retreats are also scheduled.

Email Judy for retreat information
Natural Cosmetics In Mazunte near Huatulco
Discover your Natural Beauty in Mazunte

Visit the Cosméticos Naturales de Mazunte, S. de S.S and discover the amazing story behind this Natural cosmetics shop that offers a wide range of eco friendly products. Founded by key players at The Body Shop and 15 local families, Mazunte Natural Cosmetics is a must visit for those interested in Eco Tourism. Not only will you be helping the local economy but you'll be walking away with some phenomenal products!

Mazunte Natural Cosmetics
Bike Riding in Hautulco
Take a bike ride

Take it all in as you ride through charming neighborhoods and stunning lookout points. Head to Tangolunda for your bike rental if the villa or resort you are staying at does not have one for you. If you want to hit some trails and ride, you can get in touch with Aventura Mundo. They offer a variety of guided tours or you can rent bikes and discover the area on your own. This company can be found in Tangolunda plaza, near Tangoluda Bay.

Aventura Mundo
Running in Huatulco
Go For a Run

Known for its mountainous terrain, Huatulco is the perfect place to work on those hill intervals! The Huatulco fitness secret is to get up bright and early if you're planning to get a run in. With temperatures quickly rising with the sun, it's important to put foot to pavement as early as possible. Many main roads have sidewalks where you can run (the coastal road offers wonderful views). A great and easy route is to run along the main road from Santa Cruz towards Tangolunda Bay. Bring drinking water! The tropical climate can easily cause dehydration.

Gym Huatulco
Hit the Gym

Huatulco Fitness is a traditional fitness center (gym) offering all the usual equipment – stationary bikes, eliptical machines, treadmills, etc. along with all the weight equipment you need. They also offer classes, including: aerobics, zumba and some salsa. Day passes are available for about $5/day. The gym is open 6am to 10pm Monday to Saturday. The class schedule is posted online here(however only in Spanish).

Class Schedule (Spanish Only)
Xquenda Spa Huatulco
Pamper Yourself at the Xquenda Spa

Xquenda Spa, adjacent to Chahue Beach, is home to an olympic sized pool that you can use for a fee if you would like to include it as part of a spa treatment day at this deliciously wonderful local day spa. What better thing to do than reward an intense swimming workout with an indulgent morning of spa services? This spa also offers a unique Oaxacan steam-hut experience (Temazcal).

Xquenda Spa in Huatulco
Huatulco Triathlon
Run Swim and Bike in the ITU Triathlon (or just watch)

Santa Cruz is all a buzz with excitement once a year while hosting the ITU Triathlon. If you happen to be in town during the event, head down to cheer on runners, bikers and swimmers in the amateur and pro divisions. [If you are a superstar go here to enter and set the pace.]

/// Romance in Huatulco

Full moon in Huatulco
Watch the full moon rise

If you are lucky enough to be in Huatulco during a full moon, plan ahead and find yourself a spot to watch the moonrise! The unique location of Huatulco makes it one of the few places where you can watch both the moonrise and sunset. Do not miss out on this phenomenon! Get together with some friends on the beach or on the rooftop for cocktails and watch the fiery red ball creep out of the Pacific Ocean. This is surreal experience to say the least. Conejos and Bocanna are the best spots to take it all in.

Skinny dipping in the Pacific Ocean
Skinny Dip under the Stars

Since you are already on the beach watching the moonrise, and there's no one else around….why not strip down, do some cartwheels and skinny dip under the moon and stars! Be free my friends - be free!

Sunrise in Huatulco Mexico
Share a Kiss on a Cliff in La Bocana

This spot will make your heart skip a beat. With dramatic cliffs that melt into the water facing an incredible view of the open Pacific, sunrise over this beach will offer the perfect surrounding for that special moment. You can take a very private stroll along this quiet beach and listen to the sounds of romance as the surf crashes down on the La Bocana shores in front of you.

La Bocana on the map
Wedding in Huatulco Mexico
Get Hitched Under a Palm Tree

The beautiful beaches and exotic backdrops of Huatulco's scenery provide the ideal location to host your destination wedding. Get your friends and family on the plane or elope with your significant other. Your friends will be jealous of your awesome wedding.

If you need a great photographer check these guys out
Trash the dress party in Huatulco
Trash Your Dress!

After your dream wedding ceremony in Huatulco, the new thing to do is "Trash The Dress". Get the bridesmaids together and go play in the sand. This is definitely a moment to be captured for posterity so give Samuel Luna a call and have him swing by with his camera for some great pics.

For an awesome wedding photographer Samuel is your guy
Honeymoon in Huatulco
Celebrate Your Honeymoon

So maybe you are getting married in Cancun or Acapulco. Why not make the short trip to Huatulco to celebrate an ultra romantic honeymoon?

Whether you choose to stay at one of the area resorts or rent a more private villa, Huatulco is a place where you can get away from the busy holiday crowds and find some real alone time with your new bride or groom. For those who choose to get married in Huatulco, there is no need to go anywhere. You are already in Paradise!

Judy at My Huatulco Vacation can help you put together a great Huatulco Honeymoon Package

/// Beaches & Oceanside Fun

Cacaluta Beach Huatulco Mexico
Visit all 36 beaches

Huatulco is famous for its nine bays and 36 beaches. It is difficult to see them in all in one trip. You might have to come back a couple times since you will no doubt find yourself sidetracked with activities like snorkeling, mud baths, jet skiing and sunbathing that will eat away at your day.

HuatulcoBeaches Tejoncito
Find the Secret Beach

It exists but you are going to have to be adventurous to find it. It will not be easy to reach.
Can you find it without asking someone?

I love HUX written in the sand

/// YOU Are Awesome & WE Want Your Autograph

If you're triping and traveling from beach to beach, why not write your name in the sand. If you send it to us we will post it on our Facebook page in a special album!

Find a Stick

Grab a stick - really any stick will do... then write your name in the sand with it.

Photograph & Email us the picture!

Whip out your phone or camera and take a picture of your stylish sand signature then...

Email it to Judy at My Huatulco Vacation
Family Photos in Huatulco
Have a family photo shoot on the beach

While you have your camera or phone out taking a pic of your autograph, why not huddle the family together in front of the gorgeous Pacific Ocean backdrop for a memorable family photo.

Cruise Ships in Huatulco
Watch the Cruise Ships and Mexican Navy Ships in the Bay

Throughout the High Season in Huatulco there is a good deal of traffic in the Santa Cruz harbour. Kick back on the beach for a closer look or watch the Navy and Cruise Ships roll in from a distance.

Winton Churchill from Barefoot Consultants regularly posts great shots of the massive ships from his balcony.

Winton Churchill on Facebook
Kid friendly beaches in Huatulco
Ocean Swimming

You can swim in many parts of the ocean along Huatulcos coastlines. Some portions are more challenging than others and should be left for more advanced swimmers. The best ocean swimming conditions can be found in Tejoncito. A local swimmer won a national 5km competition in Acapulco last year…do you think you could beat his time?

Child friendly beaches in Huatulco Mexico
Take Your Kids to the Beach

When you are travelling in a group with children, sticking to kid friendly locations is mandatory. The top three beaches to take the little ones to are Maguey, Tejoncito and Santa Cruz Beach. Bring your beach ball or buckets and shovels and spend a great day with the family.
TIP: Be careful in Tangolunda and Chahue, both of these beaches have a pretty strong undertow

Salvaging Sea Glass in Huatulco
Search for some Sea Glass

Taking the time to stroll the Huatulco shoreline comes with a bonus that sparkles in the mid-day sunlight. Interspersed among small seashells is a bounty of sea glass that is ripe for the plucking. Strike the mother load of these gems in Puerto Angel, a sleepy fishing village a little less than an hour's ride from Huatulco.

More about Sea Glass
Puerto Angel on the map
Playing beach volleyball in Huatulco
Get a Game of Beach Volleyball Going

A great way to spend the afternoon in the sun. Find some friends and head down to the beach for a friendly match. If you want to join a game, some folks over on Tomzap like to play pretty regularly. Look for posts from Wayne Overby.

Kathy Taylor is another person to seek out if you want to get into a game or two. Now three years running, the beach volleyball game hosted by kathy Taylor at Sunset Beach behind the Pemex in Santa Cruz.

Tomzap Huatulco Forum
Kathy Taylor on Facebook
Surf lessons in Hautulco Mexico
Catch a wave in La Bocana

If surfing is your thing, then La Bocana is going to be your best bet as far as beaches go. It is also the home of Bocana Surf School where you can rent a board.

Check out current Huatulco surf conditions with BreaksApp for iPhone
La Bocana on the map
Lounging on the beach in Hautulco
Do Absolutely Nothing...

You are on vacation - who says you have to fill your hours with things to do? One of the best things about Huatulco is the fact that you can stretch out and just pass some time. Pick your favorite beach or pick a park bench, in one of the many beautiful gardens and soak up the sun and tranquility

/// Scuba Diving & Underwater Fun

Gravity Sports Divers Huatulco Mexico
Get your PADI Certification with Gravity Sports Divers

Get your PADI open water certification through Gravity Sports Divers in Huatulco. Luca and Nata will be your PADI instructors and will ensure that you are well taken care of. They are all very thorough in their testing and provide an enjoyable, confidence building experience. The equipment is first rate and the dive sites are very rewarding.

Gravity Sports Divers
Scuba Diving in Hautulco
Swim with little fish..or swim with HUGE fish!

It's not every day that you get the chance to see a giant sea turtle or manta ray in their natural habitat. With an impressive 30+ dive sites each full of marine life and rock formations, Huatulco is a great place to scuba dive!

Huatulco Seahorse
Save a Sea Horse – Ride a ...

Well I don't know, but head to Maguey to catch a glimpse of one of the coolest creatures in the ocean. The sea horse tends to stay in shallow depths and travel in adorable pairs. More advanced divers can reach depths of 130 ft. and see Red Snapper and Amberjacks in their natural habitats.

Maguey on the map
Sea Turtle Huatulco Mexico
Observe underwater beauty at its finest at Cacaluta

Hands down, the most beautiful dive spot in Huatulco and perhaps the entire Pacific Ocean. As one of the protected ecological zones in Huatulco, this is the absolute epitome of a tropical oceanic paradise! See living coral, sea turtle, sea horses, eagle rays, lobsters, mantas, sharks and moray eels. This is a fantastic dive site!

Cacaluta on the map
Huatulco Lighthouse
Dive at a Real Shipwreck

El Naufrago is a shipwreck located below the lighthouse in Huatulco. This 50+ year old wreck is really just a big debris field, with only the boiler, anchor and chain, and deck cargo of small tracked vehicles remaining to show that it once was a ship. There are always some brilliant blue and yellow sweepers and Moorish idols inside the boiler. Down on the flats, you'll probably see some monstrously large rays.

Eagle Ray in Huatulco Mexico
Spot an Eagle Ray at La Montosa

Divers can spot Eagle Rays and all kinds of aquatic life at this nearby dive site. Beginners have to access volcanic rocks without having to go in holes. Experienced divers will enjoy experiencing the odd sensation of going to and from the holes using the surge to propel them. The views at La Montosa are amazing and it's rare to see other divers here.

La Montosa on the map
Nurse Shark in Hautulco Mexico
Dive deep with Mantas and Grouper...and Nurse Sharks

Tapesco offers great depths and impressive rock formations that are perfect for exploration. This dive site requires advanced open water diver skill level. Located further from shore than most Huatulco dive sites – the attraction of this site is the depth.

Tapesco on the map

/// Resorts & Beach Clubs

Dreams Resort Huatulco Mexico
Dreams Resort Huatulco

Every Friday night, Dreams celebrates Mexican night complete with a mariachi band, folkloric dances and an amazing Oaxacan buffet. Stop by and enjoy dancing, moonlight and unlimited drinks – it is an experience to remember. Admission is $45/adult. Fiesta Mexicana runs from 7 to 11pm.

Contact Judy for special discounts on day passes to the Dreams resort
Painted Pottery
Paint Some Pottery

In the Dreams and Camino Real Resorts you can take a seat at the pottery painting station and paint a wall hanging or other crafty ceramic item. The experts will glaze and touch it up for you to pick up later that day or the next as a great souvenir to take home!

Dreams Resort Huatulco
Camino Real Beach Club
Secrets Resort Huatulco Mexico
Secrets Resort Huatulco

The ocean front spa at Secrets is amazing ... Let your body, mind and spirit surrender to the pleasures at the world-class Secrets Spa by Pevonia. For those guests seeking a sanctuary for the senses, the spa will offer an atmosphere of pure indulgence, elite services and quality products. You'll experience an invigorating and peaceful experience.

Contact Judy for special discounts on day passes to the Secrets resort
Secrets Spa Price List
Secrets Resort Live Webcam
Castillos Beach Club Loungers
Reserve a spot on the beach and taste every drink on the Castillo Beach Club Menu

The beach club gives you access to a large restaurant and bar where they serve reasonably priced meals. They also have an expansive drink menu that allows you to sit back and relax on the beach with a cool cocktail in hand.

Castillo Beach Club website
Barcelo Beach club Hautulco Mexico
Barceló Resort

For those of you that spend a full winter in Hux, the Barcelo offers memberships with access to gym, pools, steam room and beach loungers

Contact Judy for special discounts on day passes to the Barceló Resort
Camino Real Resort in hautulco Mexico
Indulge at the Camino Real Beach Club Buffet

Camino Real is a 5 star resort located on Tangolunda Bay – giving you access to all the resort amenities you could want. Their full upscale breakfast buffet often doesn't get the recognition it deserves because the resort doesn't do Full Service however it's the nicest in the area.

Camino Real Beach Club

/// Live the the High Life

Villa Escondida Huatulco Mexico
Live like a Rockstar or Holly Celeb. (if only for a week or two)

You know when you watch the movies and see all the gorgeous homes with stunning views? Most people don't live like that in real life...but in Huatulco you can!

There are many amazing rental properties available year round in Huatulco that are often cheaper than the area resorts. For a list of available properties send a quick note to Judy then go ahead and kick up your feet in some of the most beautiful properties on the planet.

Contact Judy at My Huatulco Vacation
Villa Vidu Huatulco Mexico
Buy a Little Slice of Heaven - Get a Great Deal on Huatulco Real Estate From Palm Properties Mexico

Once you spend a little time with the amazing people in Huatulco you might just want to plan to come back for good. If that is the case, you are going to need to buy some property.

There process of buying property in Huatulco can be tricky at times. Valerie from Palm Properties Mexico can assist and is happy to help you navigate the process with ease.

Contact Valerie from Palm Properties
Huatulco Yacht Charter
Rockstars have Yachts (Rent a yacht and cruise the Pacific ocean in your tux)

Explore the bays of Huatulco on a stunning 42" cabin cruiser yacht. Enjoy this millionaire experience as you sit back, relax, and take in the beautiful surroundings. You will have the opportunity to see as many as 6 bays including; Santa Cruz, Maguey, Organo, Cacaluta, Chachacual and San Agustin. This is truly an amazing way to spend a day in Huatulco. If you have a group of 6-10 people, chartering a local yacht can be as affordable as jumping in a panga or on a crowded party boat.

Contact Judy for Special Yacht Rental Packages
Huatulco Villa Rentals
Rent Out Your Vacation Property

In general, most property owners can only spend a portion of the year in their vacation. By setting up a rental program, you will enjoy the extra income to offset your annual costs and even start producing a healthy reserve fund for the property.

Valerie from Palm Properties can manage any property on your behalf

/// Food & Dining / Drinks

Huatulco private chef

Hire a Private Chef

When you choose to rent one of the private villas in Huatulco, you are provided with world class kitchens but you have to cook for yourself. For a very low rate you can arrange to have a local chef visit you as often as you wish to prepare you authentic Mexican dishes right in your own space.

Judy can help you make the arrangements
Huatulco cooking classes

Add some spice to your life – take a cooking class

When vacationing in a place like Huatulco, many want to experience the culture; and what better way to do that than in an engaging cooking class? There are more than a few options available to you when it comes to classes so be sure to ask around when you get to town.

Huatulco Fresh Fruit Market

Shop for Fresh Vegetables and Produce at the Fresh Food Markets

There are a variety of fresh food markets in and around La Crucecita. The freshest and best prized produce is avaiable at Fruver. All produce comes in on Tuesday and Friday morning - if you wanty anything special get there when the delivery truck arrives.

Fruver on FourSquare
Azul Profundo Seating
Have dinner by the ocean

Enjoy dinner under a palapa style roof surrounded by gracefully hung lanterns at the Azul Profundo in the Camino Real Resort. If you give prior notice, Azul Profundo will set up a romantic table for you directly on the beach.

Azul Profundo on Google
La Terraza Huatulco Mexico
Sample Succulent Seafood in Santa Cruz

Terraza is the place for great food and great service. Their 'Fresh Catch' options along with their premium cut steaks make for a well rounded menu that is sure to please a variety of palates. The head (French) chef Olivier creates some amazing dishes that will have you coming back time and time again.

Cafe Viena Huatulco Mexico
Eat dinner with the Austrians

A favorite dining spot with locals and tourists alike, Viena has become a landmark for great food and fun. Its two Austrian hosts (Helmut and Manfred) will welcome you with open arms to see if their Schnitzel makes the cut! This is truly one of the best spots for fresh salad and fusion cuisine in Huatulco.

Chocolate Huatulco
MMMMMMM Chocolate

Oaxacan chocolate offers a unique flavor and texture which is more muted than folks are used to in the US or Canada. It is a quite grainy in consistency. Several flavors of chocolate are available to choose from including vanilla, milk chocolate, mocha and dark chocolate. The 'traditional' Oaxacan chocolate flavor contains cinnamon and almond. The chocolate is sold in balls, bars and chips. Pick some up at La Probadita in La Crucecita before you leave town.

La Probadita website
fried grasshoppers huatulco mexico
Eat Some Insects

If you're feeling particularly adventurous you can pick up a jar of grasshoppers - an ideal item to bring out at your next social gathering! These tasty local treats are cooked/fried in lime juice and salt and are quite good (once you get over the idea of putting a grasshopper in your mouth). They offer a really unique flavor and texture and are definitely something different to bring home with you!! Best served with Guacamole, stop by an pick some up at La Probadita in La Crucecita.

La Probadita website
Huatulco Cowboy
Share a Cerveza with a Vaquero

Mexico's great ranch expanses have spawned a whole Vaquero or "cowboy" culture and Los Vaqueros is a cowboy bar/restaurant of the finest order. To accompany your cerveza, their standard fare is charros (delicious beans in a tomato sauce), and a "mixta" platter that includes arrachera (marinated steak), chorizo, ribs, and quail. If seafood is more your speed, Los Vaqueros is also the place to be.

Los Vaqueros on the map
Mole Sauce is a delecacy in Huatulco Mexico
Mole Mole Mole

Mole is the name given to this unique Oaxacan sauce available at La Probadita in La Crucecita or the huatulco market. Mole is a thick consistency, much like a paste. It has an impressive list of ingredients; 7 types of chiles, bananas, pears, apples, cinnamon, chocolate, tomatoes, onions, garlic, plain cookies, spices, sesame seeds, almonds, raisins and peanuts. Despite the long list of ingredients the mole comes in just two flavors, Red (hot) and Black (sweet). The only differences being, in Red Mole there are more chiles and less chocolate, while in Black Mole there are less chiles and more chocolate.

La Probadita website
Huatulco Zamora Juice Bar
Sample Natures Sweet Nectars

There is nothing like sipping on a glass of fresh juice from a blend of exotic fruits. When you are passing through La Crucecita be sure to stop in at Zamora. With 18 advertised blends of fruits and vegetables available daily, you will absolutely find something delicious to wet your whistle. Located across the street from Oasis Café on the southeast corner of the main square.

Inside Sabor de Oaxaca Restaurant Hautulco Mexico
Sample Traditional Oaxacan Flavors

If authentic Mexican food is what you are in search of, look no further than El Sabor de Oaxaca. Located just off the main square in La Crucecita, this restaurant serves up some tasty traditional dishes. Plato Oaxaqueño : A dish including Oaxacan cheese, chile pork meat, Oaxacan style fillet, Sausage, small tortillas, beans, Avocado sauce, black mole, and stuffed chile. This dish serves two people, and as you can see, is perfect for meat lovers. Because El Sabor de Oaxacan is so popular, it is recommended that you make reservations during the high season (Mid-November to Mid-April).

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Fresh gourmet pizza in Huatulco
Get Yourself a Pizza Pie

Surprisingly, there is quite the Italian presence on the Oaxacan coast (due to a cult sixties Italian movie filmed close by), and the pizza is excellent at quite a few restaurants in town. La Crema is a funky throwback to the sixties with its head shop and batik bedspread ceiling, serves up crispy thin crust pizza from its wood-fired traditional domed pizza oven.

Another great place to grab a slice of pizza is La Teresina on Colorin – a tiny place with old Italian family recipes

La Crema website
La Teresina on Facebook
Buying Mezcal in Huatulco
Try the Mezcal Experience

Head down to La Casa del Mezcal is on Av Bugambilia to sample a wide variety of locally produced Mescal. For something really special, pick up a bottle of the Anejo/Reposado combination and bring it down to the beach with you to watch the sun go down. For those who can't handle the Mezcal straight, pick up a few Crema De Mezcal which are flavored, creamy blended varieties of the popular spirit. The more popular flavors are Cappuccino, Piña Colada, and Mocha (similar to Baileys liqueur) but many are available.

Av Bugambilia on the map
polo en barro
Try the Pollo en Barro at Santa Clara

The Pollo en Barro at Santa Clara is absolutely AMAZING! A whole chicken slow cooked in clay with a mix of chiles and herbs. This dish is definitely one to seek out during your stay.

cocktails in Huatulco
Rock Out With Your Cock...tails at La Crema

La Crema is a Huatulco institution - you see everyone from wealthy Mexico city patrons to famous surfers. Spacious but dark, this quirky, rock-themed den boasts loud tunes, the best cocktail list in town and delicious wood-oven pizza. The hard-partying university students knock 'em back while eyeing the action from a perch overlooking the Plaza Principal.

La Crema website
La Papaya club Huatulco Mexico
Dance the Night Away at La Papaya

Located on Bulevar Chahué, La Papaya is a popular dance club, open Thursday through Saturday into the wee hours.

La Papaya on Google

/// Huatulco Film & Food Festival

If you happen to be in Huatulco during the Film & Food Festival you are in for a treat. The Municipality of Huatulco, The Huatulco Hotel Association and the Ministry of Tourism of the State of Oaxaca and others support this anual event, intended to be a celebration of food - the oldest form of cultural identity - and film - the cultural expression of our times.(More info is available on their Facebook page)


Film screenings are held outdoors followed by food tasting related to each of the films.


Inspired by Luis Buñuel´s devotion to gastronomy - the art and science of food eating/culture with a particular focus on the gourmet. One of the highlights of this event each year is the Paella contest.

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/// Important Huatulco Contact Numbers

  • Tourist Information Center

    Address: Blvd. Benito Juarez S/N, Bahia de Tangolunda
    Phone: 52.958.581.0176

  • Immigration

    Phone 1: 958.581.9035
    Phone 2: 958.581.9003

  • State Transit Police

    Phone: 958.587.0186

  • Tourist Auxiliary Police

    Phone: 958.583.4080

  • Fire Department

    Phone: 958.587.0847

  • Hospital – Central Medica Huatulco

    Phone: 958.587.0104

  • Red Cross

    Phone: 958.587.1188

  • Pharmacies

    Address: Blvd. Chahue Frente A Fonatur
    Phone: 958.587.0483

  • La Crucecita

    Address: Bugambilia 503 Loc.2
    Phone: 958.587.0232

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Huatulco Map of Mexico
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Map of the Bays of Huatulco
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Bahia Chahue Map Huatulco
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Street Map Santa Cruz Huatulco
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Puerto Angel Map Huatulco
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Hurricane Divers Huatulco Dive Map
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Huatulco Street Map
Huatulco Street Map

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